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Arnold praises parents and kids during visit to Brunswick

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has heaped praises on parents and coaches of Futsal Oz junior players who greeted him at Brunswick yesterday.

Schwarzenegger, in Melbourne for the Arnold Classic multi-sports event, visited Futsal Oz’s famous Brunswick stadium, watching junior players perform tricks and skills, and also found time to have a kick with the young stars.

The former governor of California gave the parents and coaches special mention, and also spoke of his time as a child playing the great game of futsal.

"I want to say thank you to the parents and the coaches because together, they make the kids grow up in a strong and healthy way," said Schwarzenegger in Brunswick.
“I grew up with soccer and futbol. I did it and I had a great time doing until I was 15 years old (before turning to body building and acting).
“I remember Futsal being played inside. We played 4v4 or 5v5. You get to play this what the weather is – whether it’s cold, rainy, snowy or stormy – you can take the kids inside and exercise.
“And that’s what this is all about, this is not just a game for the kids, it’s a means to fitness, it’s a means to health, it’s a means to teaching the kids that you have to do something for your body and your mind every single day. You have to be disciplined and that’s when you grow up healthy and strong.”

Schwarzenegger was officially welcomed to the Brunswick Futsal Stadium by Futsal Oz founder/CEO Peter Parthimos at the red carpet entry.

“Welcome to Brunswick, Welcome to Futsal Oz,” Parthimos said to Arnold. “Futsal Oz is a forward thinking company from the future, but you already know that, because you are the Terminator!”

Schwarzenegger was joined by Arnold Classic Australia owner/organisers Tony Doherty and Harry Korras.

Futsal Oz has three stadiums in Melbourne, hosting elite, social, mixed and juniors competitions.