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Social Leagues Cup

Sunday 30th September 2018

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Social Leagues Cup

Social Leagues Cup on September 30!

Open for all social league teams who play at Futsal Oz and beyond, the Social Leagues Cup will be a competitive, friendly and fun day out playing cup futsal.

THE SOCIAL LEAGUES CUP will be held at Futsal Oz THOMASTOWN with the final played on the Main Arena. The Social Leagues Cup was originally created for teams to play all other teams in the same division that play on different nights, but has evolved to something much greater.

Enter Now - Great prizes!

Congratulations to Oldest of Traffords from Futsal Oz Brunswick on being crowned the champions of Futsal Oz Social Leagues for 2017! They walked away with $500 towards their social league match fees and the runners up won a brand new NIKE Team Kit.

Winners of the 2018 Social Leagues Cup will get $500 towards their match fees and
Runners up will receive 8 of their very own CUSTOM designed shirts from KonQa or AKU!

The question now is: Will the Oldest of Traffords win the cup back-to-back or who will reign champions for 2018?

Important Details

First game starts at 9am & Final to be played around 3pm.

Registrations must be made online via this link or in person at your local Futsal Oz stadium.

Team Payment $225 per team must be paid at your local stadium in person or over the phone by calling 1300 788 799. Registrations will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Uniforms: Teams must wear matching shirts with numbers (as per the minimum social league uniform requirements). Shin pads are optional.

Eligibility: This tournament is open to all social teams (including women and mixed teams) who play at Futsal Oz and other futsal venues. We encourage everyone to invite their friends or teams they have banter with!

Rules and Structure: Futsal Oz Social League Rules apply with an emphasis on all teams having fun and enjoying the day with friends and fellow futsal frothers! Teams will be split into initial groups according to team experience and ability to ensure everyone has a competitive and enjoyable day.

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