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School Holidays Trial

Futsal Oz will trial a new initiative with clubs to promote the best school holiday program even further.

For the July/Winter School Holidays, Futsal Oz will trial a new initiative offering all junior clubs the opportunity to make some serious $$$ to be used to fund their season fees.

With the Futsal Oz School Holiday Program already the best value all-day activity available for Futsal lovers, the cheaper than childcare school holiday program is now even better.

For EVERY child who attends the fun-filled school holiday program, clubs can earn $20 per day! It’s actually quite simple: Clubs who encourage players to join the Futsal Oz school holiday program will earn $20 for each player who attends – EVERY day!

EXAMPLE: Imagine your club had 5 players who each attended 3 days of the program… your club would earn $300 which pays for 4 junior match fees. This is possibly the best sponsorship that all futsal clubs can take advantage of.

School Holidays Fun

For school holiday program dates, other information and for players to register, please visit the School Holidays page or contact us on 1300 788 799 to speak to your nearest stadium.