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Price increases beginning 2019 season

Futsal Oz has increased prices of all competitions beginning from the 2019 season.

Since 2015, Futsal Oz has maintained social league match fees whilst increasing the level of froth on offer over the years. Players throughout this period have enjoyed more leagues and divisions available for increased level of competition, more cup tournaments, greater social media coverage and a newly vamped finals structure - all adding to the value of playing at Futsal Oz.

Throughout this time, Futsal Oz has also made a significant investment into the development of juniors playing futsal as well as a greater emphasis on female participation and more girls playing futsal which Futsal Oz unequivocally believes is impacting lives in positive ways.

"The majority of our match fees haven't increased in over 3 years but like anything, over time we too have been forced to increase our prices. The good thing is that the majority of our patrons understand this is inevitable just like utilities and other costs having increased over the years” says Futsal Oz CEO, Peter Parthimos.

The new pricing will come into effect for Round 1 of all competitions starting in February and March for the 2019 season.

With the majority of futsal teams having 6-8 players on the team, a $5 increase is less than a dollar per player. Please see the tables below for the new leagues pricing.

Pricing table according to Futsal Oz stadium

Brunswick & Thomastown

  • Adult Social Leagues - $90
  • Junior Social Leagues - $70
  • Premier Leagues - $90
  • League Three - $95
  • League Two - $95
  • League One - $100
  • State Championship - $105
  • Series Futsal Victoria Men - $110
  • Series Futsal Victoria Women - $100
  • Series Futsal Victoria Women2 - $95
  • Series Futsal Victoria Youth - $90
  • Series Futsal Victoria 16's - $90

Mt Evelyn

  • Adult Social Leagues - $80
  • Youth Social Leagues - $75
  • Sunday Social Leagues - $75
  • Women's Social Leagues - $75
  • Junior Social Leagues - $70
  • Premier Leagues - $85

To register your interest in joining one of our social leagues, please contact your nearest stadium or register online.