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New ways to decide drawn matches being considered - April Fools

Futsal Oz is considering new ways to decide drawn matches at all levels – including the elite Series Futsal, social leagues and junior competitions.

The controversial introduction of drawn matches at Series Futsal level being decided by penalty shoot-outs last season was one of the most entertaining additions to the competition.

Given this, Futsal Oz CEO Peter Parthimos is contemplating three new ways to decide drawn matches.

The first concept is a crossbar challenge, which would be held similar to the penalty shootouts, except the games could be decided by the team that can hit the cross bar the most from the halfway line.

The second concept under consideration is a street futsal-style ‘Player versus Goal Keeper’ challenge. The player will take the ball from halfway and has 10 seconds to score a goal. The only thing standing between the player and goals is the goal keeper.

And in a radical idea, the third concept being considered to decide drawn games is via a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’ A popular deal decider in school yards around the country, a quick game of rock, paper, scissors is being looked at in an attempt to speed up the process of determining the game’s winner.

Parthimos says that these concepts may seem radical, but it’s all in an attempt to make every game of futsal more exciting and appealing to a broader audience.

“We haven’t locked down the regulations for the drawn matches yet, however, we have a number of great options,” Parthimos said.
The penalty shoot-outs worked really well in Series Futsal, and we could still use them, but the new three options are all being looked at closely.
The Player v Keeper is a game of pure skill. The cross bar challenge is easy for the consumer to understand and Rock, Paper, Scissors is a battle of the minds.
We will wait for the feedback to come and make a decision at the end of April the first.