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About Futsal Oz

Established in February 2006, Futsal Oz now operate three world-class futsal stadiums across Victoria bringing futsal to people of all ages and skill levels.

Futsal Oz is the home of elite, social and junior futsal in Victoria and Australia. With its three world-class stadiums in Brunswick, Mount Evelyn and Thomastown; Futsal Oz provides a safe and competitive way for everyone to enjoy futsal (the best way to play indoor soccer). This year, Futsal Oz celebrates its 10th year of being a futsal organizer and provider to over 3500 players on a weekly basis.

Futsal can be enjoyed by everybody from a 40-year-old beginner to a 5-year-old up and coming super-star. Men and women, girls and boys all enjoy playing futsal. The key to Futsal Oz’s growth has been the result of the focus and attention brought to managing great futsal leagues and programs.

Our Story

Peter Parthimos, creator and driving force behind Futsal Oz, established the company with a view to fulfilling his childhood dream. A passionate futsal player imagined a place that everyone could come and experience the wonderful world of futsal. This became a reality in 2006 when Futsal Oz opened the doors to it's Brunswick stadium.

Our Vision

At Futsal Oz, we believe there is an amazing opportunity to create great programs and leagues that bring people together. With one eye in the future and envisaging what that might look like, we aspire to make the present experience more enjoyable than ever. Our people have created this culture and are the driving force behind Futsal Oz.